OCENET hosts visiting educators

OCENET hosts visiting educators from around the world

South Korea
During the third week of September a visiting delegation of teachers from South Korea met with Ms. K. Ray and Ms. D. Cann of the Guidance Department at Brookfield High School to learn about how student services are provided at an OCDSB school. In South Korea regular classroom teachers address most of the career choice and personal issues of their students, but that is changing as teachers there can now choose to take specialized training to be a Guidance Counsellor. The South Korean teachers were very appreciative of the opportunity to learn from the expertise of the Student Services staff at Brookfield High School.

Galician teachers visit the Museum of Civilization
on a tour of Ottawa

A visiting teacher from Galicia is excited to meet a real "Mountie" in his red serge uniform at the Museum of Civilization

Galicia (Spain)
OCENET welcomed a large group of 46 teachers from Galicia (in the northwest corner of Spain) who arrived in Ottawa on Wednesday, September 28. The Galician teachers were about to begin four weeks of learning new pedagogical skills and observing these teaching practices firsthand with the mentorship of OCDSB teachers. The Galician teachers lived in Homestay accommodation with Canadian families and had an genuine “immersion” experience in Canadian schools, life and culture.
Along with workshop sessions conducted by OCENET staff and weekly reflective journal writing activities, the teachers attended the classes of numerous teachers in their assigned schools. Over the course of one month, each visiting teacher had the chance to become part of the culture of their respective school. Social activities such as museum and art gallery visits, bike riding along the Rideau Canal, a shopping excursion to Montreal, and attending a Sens hockey game were also on the agenda during their stay in the Ottawa area.

The delegation of Swedish superintendents in front of Canada's Parliament Buildings and the Peace Tower

Spanish and Swedish educators experience an authentic Canadian experience of canoeing on the Ottawa River

Throughout the week of October 3, OCENET and the OCDSB hosted a group of Swedish school superintendents. The delegation met several times with OCDSB Director Jennifer Adams and Senior Staff at the board offices. The Swedish superintendents attended presentations that provided an overview of current trends, issues and practices in Ontario education, and had an opportunity to develop an understanding of the assessment and evaluation, instructional coaching and inclusive educational approaches within the OCDSB. In addition to two days with senior administration and system leaders, the Swedish visitors participated in three days of school observations and discussions at local schools, including 6 high schools and 5 elementary schools. Along with their busy schedule were opportunities to canoe on the Ottawa River with the visiting teachers from Galicia and zip-lining in Gatineau Park.

Nigerian technology teacher Sunday Olagboyegga Ogundepo meets with students from Earl of March

The Nigerian teachers share a laugh together while learning at the Albert Street Education Centre


In the last two weeks of October, OCENET welcomed 26 visiting teachers from Nigeria. This is the first time that OCENET has hosted a group from Nigeria and the experience was thoroughly exciting and mutually rewarding for both the visitors and hosts. The Nigerian teachers attended workshops at the Albert St. Education Centre on topics focusing upon assessment and evaluation, technology in the classroom, and differentiated instruction, among other pedagogical techniques commonly practiced in OCDSB schools.
The Nigerian teachers were interested in small group teaching strategies and reflected on ways these techniques could be applied to their schools. A highlight of their time here was visiting local high schools to observe OCDSB teachers and students in their classrooms. Each of the Nigerian teachers is taking the skills and practices learned in Ottawa back to their schools in Nigeria.


Principal Juan Carlos Bayona Vargas of Gimnasio Moderno, Bogotá, visited Colonel By Secondary School and had meetings with many of the OCENET international students from Colombia who are currently studying in Ottawa.

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