Glashan PS and international collaboration

Glashan PS deeply involved in international collaboration

 Three of the Glashan PS students who presented the results of their research involving a survey and analysis about middle school students to an interested audience of student teachers at the University of Ottawa

“One of the key goals of the Deep Learning project is to start connecting our students with other students in other parts of the world, but moving far beyond the ‘pen pal’ concept alone to inquiring together about ‘bigger’ questions” - Jim Tayler, Principal, Glashan Public School

Glashan PS has long had a strong commitment to international education initiatives, but the school is taking things to another level with the inception of the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL) project, which began last year at Glashan PS and five other OCDSB schools.


 Mr. Jim Tayler introduces the New Pedagogies for Deep Learning initiative at a student assembly


 A main aspect of the NPDL learning tasks is not merely reproducing existing knowledge, but creating “new” knowledge through asking profound questions explored within a collaborative learning environment

To date, approximately 1,000 schools from 10 different nations are using the NPDL, an educational framework developed by noted Canadian educator Michael Fullan, with the 6 C’s at its core: collaboration; character education; critical thinking and problem solving; creativity and imagination; communication; and citizenship. Some of the main principles of the program include a strong partnership approach to education whereby the teacher and student work as a team to solve deep learning tasks based on probing questions. This approach promotes experiential learning and is relevant to learners because the questions are generated together. In the words of Principal Jim Tayler: “The NPDL approach makes learning irresistibly engaging because it involves ‘real life’ problem solving.”

Part of the program includes an emphasis on the sharing of learning and knowledge. Last February, Glashan PS Skyped with NPDL educators in Uruguay. Grade 7 students developed a Heritage Fair. Students in Grade 8 conducted a deep learning research task related to the data management unit in their Math class and several students presented their findings to student teachers at the University of Ottawa. Future plans include expanding the NDPL project at Glashan to involve more students and staff, as well as parents. Details on this exciting initiative can be found under “Glashan’s Deep Learning Journey” at the school website:

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