OCDSB is a “destination” for PD

The OCDSB is a “destination” for professional development

Each year more educators from more countries are selecting OCENET and the OCDSB to provide professional development for international superintendents, principals and teachers.

 Teachers from Costa Rica brave the elements on Parliament Hill


"Our team is extremely proud to have opportunities to share our vision as a district with educators from around the world. Most importantly, international educators are able to see the impact of our collective efforts first-hand during school visits."
Barry Bickerton system Principal, Curriculum Services, OCDSB




Two teachers from Galicia, Spain, enjoy a cup of tea with the statues of the Famous Five while exploring on Parliament Hill



"I now have a precise idea about how French Immersion instruction can be successful and how students with diverse cultural background can be integrated"
Carmela Garcia Gonzalez, from Galicia, Spain, 2012 participant

Throughout the fall months of 2012, OCENET and the OCDSB have already hosted groups of educators from the following countries: Costa Rica, China, South Korea, Spain and Sweden. Thus far, 112 visiting educators from seven different delegations have visited the OCDSB and more are on their way. These visits are arranged through the Ottawa International Projects and Exchanges office at OCENET.

Most visitors are initially welcomed at OCDSB headquarters by senior staff and are provided with information about the OCDSB by system principals and instructional coaches from Curriculum Services. The groups attend a series of workshops tailored to the specific interests and purposes of the visiting delegations. Some groups want to learn about the system of education in Ontario, others wish to learn about Assessment and Evaluation practices, and many are here to learn about techniques of delivering bilingual education and teaching English as a second language. The majority of groups learn about the OCDSB Strategic Plan, our board vision, its exemplary educational practices and unique programs.

Following these workshops, which provide a thorough understanding of the OCDSB, nearly all delegations visit our elementary and secondary schools to witness what they have heard about demonstrated in practice in our classrooms. For some international groups on longer term visits, teachers are assigned to a school to observe and participate in classes for up to several weeks, as with recent visits from Spanish and Costa Rican educators. International teachers on longer term placements become part of the school culture and live in the community at Homestay accommodations with Canadian families.

It is a credit to the entire OCDSB educational community that so many international educators want to learn about and experience our school system, and to learn from our successes and adapt them to the challenges in their schools. Our local educational philosophy and practice is leading to innovation in many other parts of the world. These groups of international educators not only provide significant revenues that support the OCDSB, but also global perspectives on education and culture are exchanged with every visit.

The increase in the number of international visitors is a testament to the internationally recognized high standards of education delivered at OCDSB schools and in Ontario.

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