Ottawa-Chengdu Exchange

Ottawa-Chengdu partners in People-to-People educational initiatives
Posted on 01/17/2023

For the past six years, OCENET has been a partner with the Chengdu Chenghua District Education Bureau in sharing educational ideas and practices.

Each November there are a series of events and educational activities that take place during the Ottawa-Chengdu People-to-People Exchange Month. This year the opening and closing ceremonies took place at the newly opened Maple Leaf School with a student population of 300 kindergarten students. Many of the students contributed with performances for the audience of educators.

Opening Ceremony in Chengdu

The OCDSB Director of Education, Camille Williams-Taylor, delivering her opening address to the Ottawa-Chengdu People-to-People Exchange Month at the newly opened Maple Leaf Kindergarten in Chengdu, China

OCDSB students at Parliament Hill’s Centennial Flame at the Opening Ceremony

Ms. Xiumei Zhou, Head of the Preparatory Team for Sino Canada Schools addressing the audience of educators in Chengdu and Ottawa

Several OCDSB and OCENET staff were involved in this project and presented at discussion forums with Chengdu educators. Sarah Pope, Principal at W.O. Mitchell ES, delivered a presentation entitled “How do schools use community resources to carry out educational activities.” Following her presentation she indicated she was honoured to participate and “the questions from other participants provided me with a chance to reflect on aspects of my teaching practice that I had not fully considered.” OCENET’s Constantine Ioannou presented on PD and inclusive classroom practices. Pinecrest Public School Principal Naya Markastasakis contributed to the exchange of ideas with a presentation entitled “Working with Community Partners, Improving Student Engagement, and a Sense of Blonging.” Each of these presentations were translated, and educators from both locations had an opportunity for questions and answers.

OCENET was involved in several other events that took place throughout the People-to-People Exchange Month. In keeping with the opening of the new Maple Leaf School for kindergarten students, two online workshops developed by Vivian Bibby about practical applications of the Ontario Kindergarten Program were delivered online to Chenghua kindergarten teachers.

Pinecrest Public School Principal Naya Markanastasakis addressing the educators in Chengdu on “Working with Community Partners, Improving Students Engagement, and Sense of Belonging”

A screenshot of Janice Xue, Director of Studies, UASK Education (bottom left) and Vivian Bibby, OCDSB Principal (bottom right) presenting to Chengdu educators.

Much of the organization of the educational events and initiatives during the Ottawa-Chengdu People-to-People Exchange Month were coordinated through and translated by Mr. Alex Mao of UASK Education. His many contributions to the evolution of this successful partnership and its continuation have been greatly appreciated by all involved.

Closing Ceremony in Chengdu featuring a performance by students in the strings orchestra from Canterbury HS

Closing Ceremony in Chengdu
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