South Korea

OCENET and the OCDSB has been partnering with the school district from Jeju, South Korea, since 2016.

Teachers from Jeju have spent weeks and months in Ottawa learning about our school system and teaching in our classes. Teachers, students and administrators have travelled to Jeju to learn about the people, their education system and their culture many times over the years.

One event attended by OCDSB high school students is the Jeju Youth International Forum where over 150 students from 40 cities around the world gather and share solutions to some of the big issues facing the world.

Jeju Youth Forum Trip to Montreal
Jeju Youth Forum

This event has been held virtually in 2020 and this year due to the pandemic but students were previously able to travel to Jeju to learn and collaborate in person.

Jeju Youth Forum
Jeju Youth Forum Jeju Youth Forum

This connection to South Korea continues every year thanks to the generous and cooperation of the Korean Cultural Center. Every December, students in the OCDSB’s International Certificate Program gather at the KCC’s facility in downtown Ottawa to listen to presentations on various topics related to South Korea researched and prepared by their peers. Students also get the chance to play traditional Korean games and receive a Korean meal on their way out.

ICP Korea Forum
ICP Korea Forum ICP Korea Forum
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